Fortune Fire & Safety is one of the DCD approved and accredited fire and safety companies and is committed to providing smart Fire protection services in the UAE. Our services include various fire and gas suppression systems, extinguishers, alarms, sprinklers, sprays, hydrants hoses, foam systems, and more.

Protect what matters most

We give complete fire protection, by offering solutions that are designed, supplied and installed complete and ready to operate. Fortune Fire & Safety LLC offers complete turn-key solutions when it comes to fire safety and protection. Fire Equipment Fitout play a major role in its performance and functioning.

Operators monitor the protected facility around the clock and, in the event of unauthorized entry, we will be on site in a few minutes.


Your smart home security consultants

Wired or wireless sensors are electronic devices that respond to foreign movements, broken glass and other attempts to enter the house during the absence of of owners.

When the GSM channel transmits an alarm, the operator of the security company calls a rapid response team to the facility to eliminate danger, detain criminals and preserve property.


Choose a home security system that fits your needs

As one of the best Fire Companies in Dubai, we install and maintain various fire protection and firefighting products in your residence, commercial buildings, educational institutions, government buildings, warehouses, hospitals, hotels, airports, shops, and other units.

We are a specialized team of expert technicians catering to the Fire protection requirements in the Middle East. As a C+ Certified by Civil Defense Fire company in Dubai to install, testify, and certify fire products and protection systems in Dubai. We maintain full operations and a highly-equipped workshop to attend to any emergency requirements. We have completed several high-value turnkey projects in time, exceeded customer satisfaction, and received hundreds of customer references.

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